CORONA for Construction, Highways, Utilities and Facilities Management

CORONA brings impressive new service quality standards to the construction, highways, utilities and facilities management industries while dramatically reducing costs. It has also featured in eight awards.
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Construction, Highways, Utilities and Facilities Management

CORONA brings impressive new service levels to groundworks industries while reducing costs which have amounted to hundreds of thousands of pounds within the first year of use.

It has also produced significant commercial benefits and improved company-wide operating practices in some of the UK's most competitive organisations. Organisations which have benefited from CORONA include:

Combining powerful technologies, CORONA is a cutting-edge system that increases efficiency and productivity. For one company alone CORONA has:

  • reduced annual street works fines from £75,000 to zero
  • reduced human resource requirements, bringing an annual saving of £250,000 within five months
  • generated longer-term reductions and increased annual savings to £440,000
  • provided access to real-time management information
  • reduced project time frame requirements through eliminating elapsed time on site.

Real-time visibility, immediate access to information and an entirely auditable system gives clients a complete picture of all works carried out and surety of information. Operating from a central system linked to handheld devices, CORONA increases the efficiency of large projects and enables effective service delivery. One client uses CORONA to manage a groundworks contract that processes more than 30,000 notices per year.

The business benefits that CORONA delivers impressed judges of many national and regional awards which include the NJUG (National Joint Utilities Group) Quality Awards, Annual HSC Industry Awards and the National Business awards panels.

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