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CORONA is workflow management system software that dramatically improves efficiency and reduces costs for logistics and haulage companies by linking head office workers with those out on the road through mobile technology.
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CORONA dramatically improves efficiency and reduces costs by linking head office workers with those in the field through handheld technology. It is a robust system that enables tracking and monitoring while improving communications throughout the workforce and senior management.

This technology improves productivity by recording and reporting information, such as task status, actions taken and the costs incurred. Real-time information including employee availability, geographical location, vehicle checks and financial details are instantly available to senior decision makers.

An international logistics organisation chose Lightsout to provide its complete portfolio of IT services and CORONA as its logistics software because it:

  • was capable of growing in line with their pan-European operations
  • had the ability to share information and processes efficiently
  • had a high degree of availability and reliability
  • was a reasonable cost.

"Lightsout was the natural choice to supply highly available, reliable and good value systems."

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IT Europa 2014 Finalist

Lightsout CORONA

CORONA software has been solely developed over the past ten years to increase company-wide performance of organisations with field-based workforces. It is three years ahead of its time, revolutionising the profitability of SMEs with 20+ employees to international corporations...
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Lightsout IT Services

More than half of UK businesses lose revenue, every year, due to lack of independent IT expertise, which they cannot normally afford in house. For this reason, organisations frequently ask Lightsout Computer Services to help them in one of two ways...
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Lightsout Hardware and Software

Lightsout Computer Services always creates business-assigned solutions in order to:
  • increase IT service quality
  • drive out complexity
  • reduce running costs.
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