Launching CORONA's New Smart Meter Manager

CORONA's development team is delighted to announce the addition of their latest module to this award -winning workflow management system (WMS).
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Launching CORONA's New Smart Meter Manager

04 - 12 - 2013

CORONA's development team is delighted to announce the addition of their latest module to this award -winning workflow management system (WMS). The new Smart Meter module adds yet another layer of capability (for no additional charge) for those who are already using CORONA.

Adjoins with other modules to create powerful combinations

The new Smart Meter Manager module has a full multi-location, multi-customer stock system which includes a full bill of materials (BOM) to hold details of your own and your customers' meter and ancillary stock. The full Asset Management module links into it so you will never lose another asset and will be able to pinpoint everything's location with precision. The PPM also links into Smart Meter Manager making this three-way combination a powerful tool.

Good news for the highways industries

Smart Meter Manager fully integrates with the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) and so accommodates the latest legislation.

Just a reminder

Smart Meter Manager also further enhances some of CORONA's existing characteristics. For example:

  • The booking and planning systems continue to excel in monitoring planned against actual performance and productivity
  • GPS tracking verifies locations in real-time, which also combines with photograph and signature capture
  • It strengthens our range of streetworks, permitting and lane charging functionality
  • Its resource planning capacity incorporates purchase orders, quotes, planning, dynamic scheduling and a schedule or rates (with full financial breakdown analysis and tag times)
  • It improves quality of service by monitoring complaints and quality management which is all captured in a full relational database.

As CORONA is an online WMS it is fully scalable and, if delivered as a hosted service, does not rely on the capabilities of your own IT infrastructure.

It is saving vast amounts of money in instances where it's being used to manage diaries and skills while replacing timesheets. All this reflects in our customers' cashflows because their sales pipeline grows as they become more efficient and competitive, while automated invoicing overcomes delays caused by manual processes.

It is SAP-enabled with web portals to improve communications with stakeholders and other third parties. This improved communication helps avoid misunderstandings; however, if needed, there are automated escalation triggers which can be customer defined.

There is a New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) management module with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) modules which are also dotted throughout the rest of the system.

CORONA's customer and supplier contracts management module also includes subcontracting functionality. Practically everything can be adjusted to fit your organisation like a glove, e.g. dashboards, reports, SLAs and much more.

Managed Work Flow for Smart Meter Replacement/Installation

With the advent of various new government schemes, we have received a large amount of interest from utilities companies regarding our Smart Meter Manager module development. In the case of replacements or new installations, CORONA records all the required information about outgoing and new meters. Obsolete materials are monitored and tracked as they are moved off-site through the Waste Management module. This information is kept in one place, within the system, completely avoiding duplication, even if the information is collected over multiple visits.

Everything is traceable, due to its fully dynamic and customer-defined mobile auditing system, which can link audits with asset groups such as vehicles, plant machinery, jobs, skills, and the skills and hours of individual gang members or teams and much more.


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